Tuckamore Capital

The Tuckamore Story

A simple name change can make a big difference to the identity of a company.

It’s a symbol. A rallying cry.

For our team, it means a change in management philosophy and a new era of discipline and growth for the shareholders of our company.

Tuckamore — what’s behind our name?

Tuckamore is a remarkable part of Canada’s natural landscape.

It’s the term for the small evergreen trees that grow and flourish despite harsh conditions and unforeseen obstacles that try to stand in their way: unforgiving opponents like wind, rain, snow, and sleet.

A Tuckamore is known for its resiliency and adaptability, and its ability to survive under tough circumstances.

Our team has faced its fair share of challenges, and we’ve faced them head-on. It has taken time, but one by one these challenges have been met and conquered. This had to be done in order to create a new path to success.

Specifically, we have worked hard to restructure our balance sheet, moved to a more focused investment strategy, and divested companies that didn’t fit our core competencies or growth expectations.

Today, this perseverance has paid off and we are growing stronger, thanks mainly to those shareholders and partner companies that stood by us every step of the way.

We are now in a position to restore trust and build shareholder value. Because, like the Tuckamore that grows despite nature’s obstacles, we are strong, resilient, and adaptable.